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  1. The service

Merchandise ordering process as well brand promotion is simplified through the service that is provided by CryptoHustlr.com.

CryptoHustlr.com is a tool that aims to provide the user with the latest and finest quality logo files. We also generate mockups and pre-select clothing types according to the most excellent cost-benefit models. 

A fixed commission is charged by CryptoHustlr.com from every order made using this service. This commission is already added in all the prices that are stated for each merchandise on the Site.

Using CryptoHustlr.com services and purchasing merchandise on the Site warrant and represent that you are 18 years old and above.

  1. Use of copyrighted materials

Founders and fans can find classical (white-label) style merchandise products from CryptoHustlr.com. The items may have their coin’s logo and may be ordered online through a seamless process.  

Every product that is ordered from the Site has a particular coin’s logo which the user confirms to have the right to use such logo. It is the user’s sole responsibility to learn about any policy with regards to the use of the logo.

All cryptocurrency logos that are displayed on the Site are not owned and not copyrighted by CryptoHustlr.com.

  1. Privacy

We have a separate Privacy Policy that can help you understand our practices regarding the use of information about your visit to the Site.  

  1. Shipping

We have partnered with Printify to take care of both production and shipping of our products. Printify is the top choice for order fulfillment service with over 17 million delivered orders.

Shipping is worldwide.

We do international shipping and typical shipping costs start at 5 USD for domestic orders and 15.99 USD for orders from overseas. All shipped items are provided with tracking numbers to let the user know of the current status of the shipment. Prices of items to be shipped out are added with 2 USD but hoodies and sweatshirts are added with 4 USD. The total price, including shipping will be shown on the shopping cart right before checkout.

We produce clothes “on demand” once the user is done placing an order. The average production time after successful order placement is 3 days.

Regular shipping process usually takes 5-15 days once production is complete.

  1. Returns and refunds

All orders are customized according to the user’s preferences. We do not accept returns or provide refunds once the order is placed. We also do not allow changing of items to other products because each order is individual and produced specifically for the user.

In instances where orders are damaged while in transit, or when it does not meet the specifications as described, we will replace the items with new ones for free and in a timely manner. Do contact us at info@CryptoHustlr.com when such a thing happens and enclose a photo of the item for proof and a short description to explain the situation.

With regards to a problem that concerns non-fulfillment of orders because of a malfunctioning app in our end, we will take the necessary steps to make sure that any technical glitches are fixed. We will try our best to bring the service up and that users are able to order high quality crypto merchandise on the Site without any additional costs. 

We will always try to provide the best order fulfillment service to achieve complete user satisfaction with the help of Printify.

  1. Limitations

We do not warrant any liability for any damages that will arise from the use of the Site or inability to use any of the services on CryptoHustlr.com website. This includes but not limited to damages incurred for profit and data loss or because of business interruption even with either oral or written notification of such damages. There are jurisdictions that do not permit limitations with regards to implied warranties and liability for consequential or incidental damages. Such limitations are therefore not applicable to the user. 

  1. Accuracy of materials

There may be errors on the materials that can be found on the Site. CryptoHustlr.com does not warrant that there will be no technical, typographical or photographic errors on the website. We also do not warrant for all information found on the Site to be accurate, complete, or current. We reserve the right to change these erroneous materials anytime without prior notice. We do not, however, guarantee to make such changes at once nor commit to revise the materials.  

The user is expected to check the logos provided on the Site to be accurate and that they will suit to the individual preferences.

Though we at CryptoHustlr.com try to provide the latest and accurate logo collection for all products on the Site, we cannot guarantee accuracy and recentness of the logos.

We would appreciate it if you will let us know by email any erroneous or old version of a logo so we can update our collection at the soonest time possible.

  1. Links

We reserve the right not to be responsible for any content from all websites that are linked to CryptoHustlr.com. These links do not imply endorsement by us and that such use of any information or services from them is all at the user’s own risk.  

  1. Modifications

CryptoHustlr.com reserves the right to revise these Terms of Service at any time without prior notice to the user. Continuously using the Site constitutes agreement of the user to be bound by any changes on these terms.